Achieving the Best Wi-Fi Signal in any type of property with PCRez

Achieving the Best Wi-Fi Signal in any type of property

Choose the right options for your building

There are lots of solutions these days for making sure you achieve the best Wi-Fi signal in a whole building. As you will see though, there are some different options that mean you can avoid Wi-Fi completely for some parts of a business or home.

Soon, I will highlight below the common setups and common mistakes and then go into detail about avoiding Wi-Fi if required.

Various topics to include:

  • State of modern wireless technology
  • Common setups
  • Extended setups and slave routers
  • Powerline adapters and when to use them
  • Powerline Wi-Fi adapters
  • Why not just use a wire?
  • Causes of likely problems or challenges.

What does “Best Wi-Fi Signal” mean?

To me, it means being able to move around my home with multiple devices and VERY rarely lose connection or have issues.

If you are having issues, I will happily advise you about the likely causes and suggest a best way forward.

Before getting any advice or work done though, be sure to check out my short article that explains how to protect yourself from being overcharged or from poor work.

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