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PCRez Website Portfolio image for EncoreDanceAcademy

I used a quality theme for this vibrant dance site and made sure it was simple to navigate and also update. They're still dancing their hearts out!

PCRez Website Portfolio image for AndrewBeckettArt

A bespoke site created with a customised theme, to create a portfolio and eCommerce presence for an artist. Colour, layout and feel were all considered, changed and reworked to achieve the end result.

PCRez Website Portfolio image for TheAllotmentKitchen

The author of a beautifully illustrated cookery book wanted a simple design that would deliver a front window for her book, but also a channel for new recipes and news. Delivered using a standard WordPress theme with minimalism in mind.



PCRez Website Portfolio image for BisForBrownie

BisForBrownie engaged me to help with a number of issues and improvements. The resulting work improved speed 700% and helped usability for both customer and owner. Yummy! Delivering Professional Computer Repair Stamford

Stamford Computer Repair and Upgrades

What Motivates me to deliver a Stamford computer repair and upgrade service?

I love living near Stamford so much. Travelling around the town and to its neighbouring villages to help with a computer repair or upgrade is all the more enjoyable because of that.

Drop the faceless, cold, call centres to the curb

So often these days I spend time with customers who are fed up with faceless, cold call centres provided by their internet service providers or the suppliers of their technology. I have some personal and very frustrating experience with my previous internet service provider. Also, some very bad service from ‘technical experts’ who basically wanted to do as little as possible and simply walk through a set script but not actually fix my problems.

Users in a fast changing technical world become vulnerable

I have over 30 years experience building, working with and fixing computer and gadget hardware and software problems. What I have noticed as a growing trend seems to be that so many more people are continuing to take the plunge and use technology and the internet. Because for some people it is similar to visiting a different country, this opens up many situations where new or even moderate users of a fast changing technical world become vulnerable. Exploitation by fast talking fraudsters or others who try to take advantage of the knowledge gap is common.

“It’s all just gobbledigook to me.” is a phrase used by my customers new and old.

Let me help

I’d like to help you stay away from situations where you are likely to get conned or convinced to do something you are not sure of.

My top tips explaining online security and safety focus on:

  • old fashioned word of mouth
  • asking friends
  • reading real reviews
  • taking trusted advice

If you are unsure, never agree to anything someone says they need to do to your computers or gadgets without getting a second opinion about the advice, at least for new help or service providers.

Call me for a no obligation chat and I’ll give you no nonsense advice about your options:

07899 845338

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