Key Services, Support Contracts and Pricing Explained

Repair or upgrade computers or laptops, build & manage websites and support contracts

Key Services

I deliver technical help, training and support contracts in the following:

  • Computers
  • Gadgets
  • Internet & Safety
  • Websites
  • Broadband
  • Networks & Backup
  • Wi-Fi

Support Contracts and Regular Maintenance

Speak to me about your needs and I will give you some cost effective solutions for regular support and maintenance work paid for with a subscription. Monthly, quarterly or yearly options are available to suit your needs. Support contracts are by far the best way to achieve value for money technical help and make sure you receive attention in a timely manner.

Support and Maintenance benefits and examples include:

  • Swift response with no callout fee.
  • Reduced hourly costs.
  • Regular optimisation and pre-emptive updates of your computers and other devices.
  • Website management, backup and maintenance.
  • Regular search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Server and Base unit security, backups and optimisation.
  • Wifi and networking improvements and stability fixes.
  • Training and advice on many aspects of technology tailored to the needs of yourself, your family or your business.


£30 per hour charged in minimum units of half an hour.

I charge for time spent doing ‘actual work’. I don’t charge if a scanning tool is working or an update is occuring. If I am working at your residence I will try and perform other tasks alongside a scan or upgrade if possible. If not possible i.e. the scan or upgrade is stopping all other work, I will suggest I take your computer away with me so I can move on with work for other clients while your device completes scans. I may have your computer or gadget for a day or more, but only do ‘actual work’ of 30 minutes. I will give you the best estimate I can for any work I think is required.

You can get some idea of possible costs by reading one of my website articles.

Call out fees

Currently a call out fee of £20 is charged to customers more than 5 miles from my base of operations in Ryhall, Rutland.

About the Author Simon Strawbridge

I enjoy helping people move forward with technology that is blocking their progress. I upgrade and repair computers in the Stamford area (UK) as well as build & manage websites & improve search results for clients worldwide. I have a serious tea addiction and often try to distract myself with a biscuit.

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