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PCRez Website Portfolio image for EncoreDanceAcademy

I used a quality theme for this vibrant dance site and made sure it was simple to navigate and also update. They're still dancing their hearts out!

PCRez Website Portfolio image for AndrewBeckettArt

A bespoke site created with a customised theme, to create a portfolio and eCommerce presence for an artist. Colour, layout and feel were all considered, changed and reworked to achieve the end result.

PCRez Website Portfolio image for TheAllotmentKitchen

The author of a beautifully illustrated cookery book wanted a simple design that would deliver a front window for her book, but also a channel for new recipes and news. Delivered using a standard WordPress theme with minimalism in mind.



PCRez Website Portfolio image for BisForBrownie

BisForBrownie engaged me to help with a number of issues and improvements. The resulting work improved speed 700% and helped usability for both customer and owner. Yummy!

About the Author sstrawb

More than 30 years on and I still get great satisfaction figuring out why some form of technology is misbehaving and then putting it right or making it better. I've grown to love building websites. New web tools are available all the time. Let me help you create the website you need or improve your technical life.

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